December 20, 2003

Today, I brought you over to my Grandparents house for a Christmas party. Have you ever seen two prouder people. I just makes me so happy to see them with you. I just wish you were a little more understanding of other people holding you. This cute picture didn't last long, and soon you were wailing for your Mommy. Grandpa wanted to know all about your health and how well you are growing. He was a general practioner back in Caro before he retired. That was about 15 years ago, and I know he struggles to recall all his infant growth and development knowledge, so he can apply it to you. I hope they will have many more years to watch you grow. They were very important people to me growing up.

December 15, 2003

I can't believe it! Two teeth already! I haven't even noticed that you were unusually cranky or anything. Maybe a little drooly, but that's not unusual. I was just sitting in the computer room with you and thought I saw something, so I felt in your mouth with my finger and there they were. I just hope you don't decide to use me as a chew toy, that thought makes me cringe. Well, there's another milestone, and something to write in your baby book.