March 22, 2008

You are so grown up now. You found one of our old portable CD players today and have been dancing around the house with the headphones on. You don't quite get that we don't hear the music too. It's fun to hear you sing at the top of your lungs with no background music. Not to bad actually.

In light of our kindergarten concerns, I've taken out some books from the library. What Every Kindergartener Needs to Know. Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. We started doing more "school" at home. The success of the lesson seems to depend entirely on your mood. You do great if you are up to being taught, but if you have other things on your mind I get no where. I'm so glad we're not homeschoolers! I'm definitely not cut out for that. There are definitely areas that you seem to excel at; math and problem solving. For example, if I were to give you 5 pictures and tell you that this girl is trying to make a cake, you could put the pictures in order. The other day we were reading Caps For Sale which is your current favorite book. The man is carrying 12 caps on his head and he feels to make sure they are all there. In the picture, the caps are standing about 3 feet off his head, and you said "how can he feel all those caps, his arms are too short?" Funny I was thinking the same thing.

I'm including some of your latest artwork, which I really liked. The first one you painted at school. You said it was us driving cars around the sun. The second one is entitled "Spring" and features flowers, a rainbow, the sun, and a person catching a butterfly with a net. We brought it over to my Grandparents along with some cookie bars. Of course, they thought it was brilliant!