September 27, 2008

Oh your Daddy has really done it now. He bought you a quad. Nevermind that you can't ride a bike with training wheels, lets get you something gas powered instead. If you can't tell, Mommy is not so sure about this idea. It is very fun though. I'm happy to ride around on it with you, but the idea of you riding it by yourself makes me cringe. Watching Daddy drive it around is hilarious though. He looks so funny with his knees practically up to his ears. Who needs a sibling when their Dad still acts like a 9 year old.

September 8, 2008

I wanted to add an update post on Abu the hamster. He has become such an important figure to you. You think about him all the time. You take him out of his cage and rub him on your face. You like to have him near you all the time, so you have a little carrier that I call the hamster purse. It's a little plastic rectangle with a lid and handle. You put him in there and carry him all around with you. He usually falls asleep in there, frequently upside down so he looks dead. The other day, he even had a part in our make believe fairy tale reinactment of Cinderella. He had the part of Gus-Gus the mouse. He had a costume and everything, although I don't think it was true to the time period, but you work with what you have.

Abu had a second escape attempt too. Gave me a heart attack! This one was definitely Mom's fault. We had cleaned his cage and he was rolling around in his ball. I asked you to pick up some things, and you asked me to put him away. Well, my attention got distracted and I forgot. We went outside to play, and when we came in, we saw the ball sitting there, lid popped off. You began frantically searching for Abu, and I began frantically searching for the cats. I found all the cats and locked them up, and you found Abu! He was under Mom & Dad's dresser. He didn't really want to come out, so we had to employ the cheese cracker as bait again. Whew! Disaster averted. I don't know what were going to do when he "passes". You are going to be so sad. I've thought about the old hamster switcheroo, but that wouldn't really be right, plus very tricky to pull off.

September 6, 2008

Just a note, we discovered that you are allergic to Aspen trees. I was trimming one in the backyard, and you were being my "lumberjack" hauling away the branches I trimmed. Then you were crawling around in the big pile of branches and leaves. Afterwards, I took your clothes off to give you a bath and this is what we found all over you, from neck to feet. What's pictured is the spot we missed putting hydrocortisone on the night before, not a gratuitous butt shot. Itchy! So stay away from the Aspens.

September 5, 2008

Ohhh... you're all grown up! Your off to Kindergarten all on your own. It was so hard to put you on that bus this morning. You were doing great while we were waiting for the bus to come. Some of our neighbors walked down to our bus stop and got on the bus with you for moral support. All of the other kids got on first and you were about to step up on the bus, but then you turned around and gave me another hug and started crying. But I was so proud, because you got right on the bus and waved in the window (with big tears and everything). Ohhhhhh.. Daddy and I were doing so good until that point, but then we were a mess. That was so hard. At least with Preschool, I could wait and then peek in the window to make sure the tears had stopped. I didn't have any idea what happened after that until you got home from school. And then the afternoon bus was 15 minutes late. It was killing me!

You seemed in good spirits when you got off the bus. You were ravenous at lunch. I was trying to pump you for information the whole time, but I didn't get very far. I ended up having to tease out info through out the day. You said that you didn't cry the whole way to school and not at all once you got there. You sat with Emma Lee from across the street and Daddy wanted to know what you guys talked about. "Backpacks" was the response. The teacher was waiting for you when you got to school. You played with Lily and two other girls during freetime. You finally got to play in the house under the loft, you were so dissappointed that you didn't get to play in there during orientation. Your eyes were all sparkly when you said, "And guess who I got to be? The Mom!" You told me that "the girl with curly hair was the kitty, and the girl who looks like Zoei , except she's nice, was the sister." I asked if anyone was the Dad and you said emphatically No,
"but Max tried to come in our house without asking!" That Max, he's a stinker. You also had computer lab today, and you got to play some game. I don't remember the name of it. For a project, you made a storybook "like Brown Bear, Brown Bear". At circle time, you sang some songs and the teacher played the violin. I could tell you were impressed by that because you made your own violin out of sticks. For snack you had milk and crackers. I asked if you picked white or chocolate and you said white milk. I was shocked, but you said you didn't "feel like" chocolate.

While you were at school, Mama went grocery shopping and bought things to pack in the lunchbox. For some reason, this is really hitting me hard. Yes I have the "my baby is all grown up" feelings, but it's more than that. Before it always felt like I was just here to make sure you felt loved and cared for. Now it feels more like I'm responsible for molding and shaping you, making sure that everything for school is remembered, packing the lunch, getting you on the bus on time. I don't want to screw up! I hope some day you can read this when you are sending your baby off to Kindergarten and think, yeah I know what you mean Mom.

September 3, 2008

Today, we had a sort of orientation for Kindergarten. We were only at school for an hour and a half and both Daddy and I were there the whole time. You got to check out the bus first. The bus driver had the kids file on and you were so busy waving to us out the window that you were completely ignoring the bus driver's review of Bus Safety. When you got off, I asked you what the rules were and you said, "Don't run on the bus... I don't remember the rest." Oh, this is a great start!
Then we followed the bear paws to your classroom, and met your temporary teacher Mrs. Frey. Your regular teacher is off on medical leave for 2-4 weeks. Bummer. Mrs. Frey seemed very nice though. We had a scavenger hunt, so you could learn where everything in the classroom is, and while you toured the cafeteria, Daddy and I got a quick run down of all the important info. I could tell that you were a little bummed that there wasn't a play time. We did a quick activity and read a story though. Afterwards, we headed out to the playground for a little bit. But it doesn't seem real to me yet. We took your 'First Day of School' pictures today. You look so pretty. I spliced two pictures together so we could have a family picture too.