September 14, 2007

September 14th, 2007

September 10 was a historic day. Elise first day of school!! You are going to Duncan Lake Early Childhood Center Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons. You were so excited to go. We got there and put your backpack in your locker (how cute you have your own locker). Then we took you in the classroom. We played for a little while, but then it was time for us to go. I honestly thought it would be no big deal to you, but suddenly your eyes were red rimmed and you looked like you were trying so hard not to cry. Dada was holding you and you hugged him so tight, I thought you might strangle him. I wasn't worried though. I knew you'd be fine as soon as we left, I was just surprised.
Dada and I ran some errands that went back to pick you up. We were one of the first parents to enter the room, and all the kids were sitting at tables. You jumped up and ran over to us yelling, "I had fun and I didn't learn anything!!" I'm sure the teacher appreciated that. You didn't get to go out on the playground that day, because it was too cold and rainy. You've been 3 times now and you seem to love it more each time. You've been out on the playground twice, and made some new friends, although you don't know their names. I wish I could be a fly on the wall, because it's so hard to find out much from you. All you ever say is, "I dunno." Usually I have to wait until things come out in conversation. I'm just so glad you are enjoying yourself. And Mommy gets a little free time too.

September 7, 2007

September 7, 2007

Another big milestone! Today, I went in to get you up from your rest (although no resting was going on). You had taken all your Polly Pocket's accessories and put them in a plastic bottle. You were excited to show me your "mixture", then you told me how you put all of them in there "except for the one that's up my nose." Ackkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!! I said,

"What is up your nose, honey"
"A Polly shoe."
"Why did you put it up your nose."
"I dunno."

I took a look and sure enough, there it was shoved wayyyyyyy up there. So I took you in the bathroom, and got out the tweezers, but then thought I'd give the old plug the opposite nostril and blow trick a try, and it worked beautifully. That Polly shoe went flying across the bathroom like a bullet out of a gun. We were both laughing hysterically. Then I had to have the serious talk about not putting things up our nose, and I educated you in the techniques they have at the hospital for extracting things from noses when Mommy can't get them out. Hopefully it won't happen again.