August 13, 2009

We now have another family vacation under our belts! We spent the end of our summer up in Mackinaw City. We rented a cabin at a big campground right on the shores of Lake Erie with a beautiful view of the bridge. You loved the cabin, and slept on the top bunk in your own room. Unfortunately, as was true for this whole summer, the weather was not very nice. We went swimming the first day for a very short time. Brrrrrr.... the water was cold! Lake Erie is also pretty rocky I came to find out. We spent the first two days hanging out around Mackinaw City. We bought some fudge, and checked out the shops. We found a hideous rabbit's foot in one store,
and you couldn't stop talking about how gross it was. We made Smore's and rode the campground fire truck. You helped Mom make a puzzle. We explored the campground, and tried out all the playgrounds. We ate at the Pancake Chef, and man was it good!

On the third day, we had some fairly nice weather. We took the ferry over to the Island. The boat was very cold, and I was glad we bought you a cool Mackinaw Island hooded sweatshirt. The island was very busy and crowded. You had to dodge horses, people on bikes, and horse poop everywhere. We walked up to the butterfly house and a butterfly landed right on you and you didn't even know it. We rented some bikes, and took a ride around the whole island. Mom on one bike and you and Daddy on a mountain bike with a tagalong. At first, you were very afraid of falling over, because the tagalong would lean from side to side when Daddy turned, but after a while you got used to it and like it a lot.
We rode to Arch Rock and climbed the steps all the way to the top. I was impressed that you didn't complain about the workout at all, and it was a lot of steps! After our bike ride, we walked up to the Grand Hotel to take a look. I was appalled, they charge you $10 a piece just to go on the property. I tried to take some pictures, but one of the employees stuck her hand out and told me we had stay back farther. I'm never staying there!

The last night we stayed at the Holiday Inn, because Daddy had a class there in the morning. You and I hung out and swam in the pool while Daddy and Hairy arranged their classroom. I wouldn't say this was our most exciting trip, but you seem to just love going new places and getting so much attention from Mom and Dad. I hope that lasts for many more years to come. Now I'm trying to decide where we should go next. I can't help dreaming of European tours, or other exciting trips when you get older. I hope you will always be my travel companion, since it's not really Daddy's thing. Maybe when you get older, we can go on adventures just you and I.