June 21, 2007

June 21th, 2007

Well we have a new addition to our family. Last week while you and Dada were out for a walk, Dada found a baby kitten in the woods along side the road. It was tiny and starving. We took it to the vet while we went on vacation, so they could check her out. They found she had round worms and ear mites, but she was treated and didn't have anything that was not curable. Daddy and I had already agreed we would keep her if she was healthy. She is a very spirited little thing, and we named her Rossi after the motorcycle racer Valentino Rossi. You get very excited when she is around, but she doesn't seem frightened even when you are jumping around screaming and picking her up akwardly. Last night she spent most of the night in your bed and I hope she grows up to be your cat. It's very fun having a kitten around the house....well for everyone but the other cats.

June 19, 2007

June 19th, 2007

We just got back from our first real family vacation! Albeit a short one. We went to Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City for 2 days. You had no idea where we were going. We walked into that great big lobby, and you were still confused. Daddy parked the car while you and I checked in, then we took you around to the second floor balcony overlooking the waterpark and your eyes got huge! We took our stuff to the room and checked out your "Wolf Den".

Then we headed to the restaurant to eat. I was looking over the list of things to do, and mention Wiley Wolf the Great Wolf mascot. You looked petrified. You kept looking all around like he was going to pop out of anywhere, and then you asked about how many locks were on the door to our room, so that we could keep him out. I think you thought he was going to come after you while you were sleeping. I just kept assuring you that we'd only see him if you wanted to see him.

After dinner we put on our suits and went down to check out the water park. You could hardly contain your excitement, you were all over the place. Your favorite thing seemed to be watching the big bucket dump out. Every time the bell started to ring you would run over there and start jumping up and down screaming. It was so funny. I had to hold you back at some of the slides and lily pads because you were so excited to get on you forgot to wait in line.

After swimming, we put on PJ's and went down to listen to the "Rythum of Nature" clock sing and hear a bedtime story. You loved the clock and it's talking animals, but when the storytime lady came out to read, she had Wiley Wolf with her. You didn't cry or want to leave but you kept one eye on that wolf the whole time. After the story, all the kids went up to give Wiley a hug or a high five. I suggested we go up and give him a group hug and you agreed.
You were very brave and gave Wiley a hug while I held you, and from then on it was "the wolf" this and "the wolf" that. You wanted to see him all the time. The next night you went up and gave him a hug all by yourself, and on the last day we had to wait 30 minutes after breakfast so we could catch him in the lobby.

The whole trip you amazed me with your bravery. You went on every ride you were tall enough to ride, and a couple you weren't. ;-) You swam by yourself with your swimmies, and even went under the big bucket one time with Dada. We played games in the arcade and you made a necklace in Cub Club. It was a very fun trip, and you can't wait to go back!