November 7, 2005

November 7th, 2005

I think it's official, your mother's a goofball. Today we ran out of diapers (you still wear them at night and naps), so your Dad ran out to get some more. While he was gone we got dressed up like tigers. You had a tiger costume I bought you for Halloween, but you ended up going as Clifford the Big Red Dog. I had a Tigger costume from Halloween last year. We went outside in the dark and chased around the yard, until he came home then we hid and jumped out yelling "Roar!" You got a big kick out of it and we were plenty warm outside in our get-ups.

Back track to Halloween, you were Clifford the Big Red Dog. We went out trick or treating with the Coxes in a medium sized subdivision called Pine Edge. Maddie was a duck. The first house we went to the guy answered the door in a wheelchair and a scary mask. It took about another 7-8 houses for you to get over that, but after a while you started to really get into it. At one house you screamed "Trick or Treat!" soooo loud it startled your Dada. It was a perfect night, and we had a great time.

You are such a polite girl too. You say please and thank you on a regular basis without any prompting from me. You ask for things you want politely, although if you don't get the answer you want you'll ask the other parent. Right in front of the one that said No too. I think you will be a great singer when you get older. You sing all the time. You know songs I don't even know. Your favorite CD right now is Here Come the ABC's by They Might Be Giants. Your favorite book is Thomas the Tank Engine: The Monster Under the Shed. When we read it you tell me, "Don't be scared Mama, it's just a hedgehog." You even have Thomas the Tank Engine undies. They are boy underwear, but I don't think you noticed.

You seem to have soooo much energy. You get up earlier in the morning, usually before 7am. I used to be able to get you to lay in bed with me and watch TV, but now you want me to go downstairs and play in your playroom. Ugh, I am soooo not a morning person. Your naps are getting shorter and your bedtime later. I've been looking for a playgroup for us to join, so that we can get out of the house this winter. I'm not looking forward to being cooped up inside with this ball of energy. It's so much nicer when we can go outside and play. I think I'll go enjoy the little free time I have left.