November 18, 2002

November 18th, 2002

Today, I found out I'm pregnant with you. I am so excited!! At first, I didn't believe it. I got up after your Dad left for work and took a test. I sat on the toilet for a couple of minutes waiting even though I didn't really expect it to be positive. It's really too early for me to be testing. I haven't even missed a period yet, and I've taken so many of these things. Anyway, I sat and watched it for a couple of minutes and when nothing happened I threw it in the trash and went back to bed. Four hours later I got up and went to the bathroom and there in the trash was the test with 2 lines on it!! All be it, one of them was very faint. I didn't believe it. I must have let it sit too long. So I took another, I was buying them in bulk anyway. Of course I waited longer this time, and sure enough there appeared another faint line. You would thing this would be enough, but no I had to go buy another with the same result. All I could do was dance in place!!

My next project was to try to thing of some creative way to tell your Dad. My first thought was to find one of those tacky "Baby on Board" T-shirts. But I searched all over and couldn't find one. So I bought "What to Expect When You're Expecting" and put it in the bag with all of his stuff from the hardware store. When he got home I told him to go through the bag and make sure I got him everything he needed. He started tossing things out of the bag, "Yep, yep, yep, nope, yep. " He passed right over the book with a simple "nope". I asked "What do you think that is?". He said, "More of your baby stuff." And I said, "I'm trying to tell you I'm pregnant!" He says, "Oh, Did you scream?" Typical Gary response. See your Dad's a little nervous about this whole baby thing. He would like it if you would emerge from my body 3 years old, potty trained, and walking. You see he loves kids, but he's not crazy about babies. So the agreement is, you're mine for the first couple of years then he takes over (just kidding).

So I'm dying to tell everyone, but I want to wait until Christmas to tell our family. So I settled for everyone at work and Beth Whaley. Beth was sooooo excited!! She said she was going to start making you a quilt now. Everyone at work was relieved. I think they were getting a little tired of hearing about my cycles for the last 3 months. So anyway, I can't wait to see you, feel you, hear you!!

PS - The pic about is from a few weeks later, when I tested just to be sure I was STILL pregnant. Okay, so I'm a little neurotic!