June 21, 2007

June 21th, 2007

Well we have a new addition to our family. Last week while you and Dada were out for a walk, Dada found a baby kitten in the woods along side the road. It was tiny and starving. We took it to the vet while we went on vacation, so they could check her out. They found she had round worms and ear mites, but she was treated and didn't have anything that was not curable. Daddy and I had already agreed we would keep her if she was healthy. She is a very spirited little thing, and we named her Rossi after the motorcycle racer Valentino Rossi. You get very excited when she is around, but she doesn't seem frightened even when you are jumping around screaming and picking her up akwardly. Last night she spent most of the night in your bed and I hope she grows up to be your cat. It's very fun having a kitten around the house....well for everyone but the other cats.