February 25, 2008

Tonight was our second parent teacher conference at school. It didn't go exactly like I had planned. I was very anxious to hear if your teachers feel you are ready for kindergarten next year, and instead of the resounding "Yes!" I was hoping for, I got "We don't want to say yet. Let's see how she does at Kindergarten Screening." They went on to say that academically you are ready, but that you lack self confidence and are not assertive. They said you don't do things independently and prefer to find another child to follow, usually Maddie.

I'm torn. I think you are ready, and that you are just so used to Maddie taking control that you just follow her at school because that's what you are used to doing at daycare. I also think that it's partly just your personality, you're not a very assertive child. On the other hand, I'd hate to send you next year and have you struggle the whole rest of the time in school. I guess we'll just have to see what happens at kindergarten screening and between now and fall. Here's a copy of your report card, and a paper where you drew a triangle, cross, and diagonal line.