May 16, 2008

A Conversation:

Elise: Where is your brain in your head?
Mom: It's takes up this whole part. On top is your skin, then your skull, which is bone to protect your brain, and then inside your skull is your brain.
Elise: What does it look like? Is it pink or red?
Mom: Well, it's gray. It kind of looks like spaghetti, or the inside of a squash.
Elise: Have you seen one?
Mom: Yes.
Elise: For real?
Mom: Yes.
Elise: Ummmm.... Did some kid's brain fall out or something?
Mom: No, in school we disected little pigs, so we could see what the inside of the body looks like.
Elise: That's cool.

"That's cool", you thought that disecting a pig to see it's brain is cool! Woohooo!! My daughter likes science!! Then we had a whole discussion about what happens to food after you eat it and where it goes, which ended with "Why is it sometimes hard to get your poop to come out?" I told you that we'll go to the library soon and check out some books about the body, so you could see what it looks like from the inside. I'm so excited to teach you all this stuff. I love it! That's so cool!