September 3, 2008

Today, we had a sort of orientation for Kindergarten. We were only at school for an hour and a half and both Daddy and I were there the whole time. You got to check out the bus first. The bus driver had the kids file on and you were so busy waving to us out the window that you were completely ignoring the bus driver's review of Bus Safety. When you got off, I asked you what the rules were and you said, "Don't run on the bus... I don't remember the rest." Oh, this is a great start!
Then we followed the bear paws to your classroom, and met your temporary teacher Mrs. Frey. Your regular teacher is off on medical leave for 2-4 weeks. Bummer. Mrs. Frey seemed very nice though. We had a scavenger hunt, so you could learn where everything in the classroom is, and while you toured the cafeteria, Daddy and I got a quick run down of all the important info. I could tell that you were a little bummed that there wasn't a play time. We did a quick activity and read a story though. Afterwards, we headed out to the playground for a little bit. But it doesn't seem real to me yet. We took your 'First Day of School' pictures today. You look so pretty. I spliced two pictures together so we could have a family picture too.