December 29, 2002

December 29th, 2002

We had some scheduling conflicts so we had to have the Smith family Christmas today. I am especially excited about telling your Grandma Smith because she has been hounding me since before we got married. This will be an enormous load off my back. Angie will be excited too cause she won't possess the only grandchild and have Mom over to see Joey non-stop. They weren't as excited as I thought they would be though. At least, I was expecting a bigger reaction. I think Mom kind of suspected though. Now lets just hope she doesn't go on a garage sale spree for clothes for you. I don't like the idea of you wearing used clothes. Call me protective. I also think she's dissappointed because we told her we weren't going to find out if you are a boy or a girl. I don't want all blue stuff or pink. What if the ultrasound is wrong? I've seen it happen. Daddy and I are going to peek though. We're just going to keep it a secret.