October 6, 2005

October 6th, 2005

Well there I go again, forgetting to write. I guess I've been caught up in designing your playroom. We converted the old guest bedroom into a playroom for you. This way we can reclaim some of our adult spaces, your toys were beginning to rule the roost. You are doing the usual, amazing me daily. You are an absolutely wonderful toddler.

Don't get me wrong, you have your moments just like any two year old. Our main battle usually revolves around your clinginess and lack of desire to do anything on your own. Not only that, but it has to be me that does everything for you. Dada is not allowed to change you, feed you, bathe you, and sometimes talk to you in my presence. If he tries he's greated with sobbing and "Mama do it!!!" Not that I'm not flattered and everything, but I've got stuff I have to do too. I miss being able to go the bathroom by myself. You want me to carry you frequently and you pretty much refuse to play independantly if I'm around. I probably indulge you to often when it comes to that.

The way I try to make us both happy is to give you jobs, which you are always eager to do, at least at first. Yesterday we swept the floor, I with the large broom, and you with the feather duster. Unfortunately you frequently swept my neat piles and then walked through the dirt and tracked it all over again. You love to throw things away in the trash can and to take care of the pets. You feed Shai her dinner, and brush her (quite well actually). You like to take showers now too.

Although it is your speech that usually blows me away. I feel bad because you sometimes get embarassed when I laugh at the things you say, but is is so cute. The other morning we were snuggling in bed and you said, "I love your boobies, Mama." Dada and I started giggling and you buried you head in the covers and said, "No, don't laugh at me." You are a very sensitive kid. I guess because we never really have to yell at you or anything. When we do tell you to stop something, your little lip puffs out and you cry. We try to explain that we're not mad at you, but that we'd like you to stop playing with Dada's glasses or whatever, but you just say, "You yelling at me."

The phrase of today is "Why because?" You use it anytime I respond to a question with because yadda yadda. For example, "What you doing Mama?" Cleaning the kitchen. "Why" Because it's dirty. "Why because?" I don't really know how to respond to that. And the other day in the car, you were eating cashews and you said, "This one broken Mama." Oh. "Who broke it?" I don't know sweetie, sometimes they just come that way. "Probably Dada."

My favorite thing right now is that you've discovered back rubs. You will lay on your belly and ask me to rub you back. It just so cute.