August 20, 2006

August 20, 2006

Today was a big day for you. You got to meet a big celebirty. Thomas the Tank Engine!! He was at Huckleberry Railroad in Flint. As we approached the grounds, we saw Thomas coming around the corner. Oh you were so excited! We got there an hour before our ride, so the first thing we did was walk around the grounds which was set up like an old time town. You got a Thomas tatoo. Then we went to meet Thomas. You about jumped 3 feet in the air when he "peeped"pulling up to the station. The coaches we got to ride in were 100 years old! Our ride was 40 minutes, and we got to go past houses and streets where people were out waving. You loved waving from the train. Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures with Thomas. It was just too hard with so many people around, but you got a little certificate for riding Thomas that says you're a junior engineer.

When we got back, we had some ice cream, then went to check out the rides. We went on a old fashioned Ferris Wheel. I was watching it spin and it seemed to go really fast to me. I don't do well on any rides that spin. We were waiting to get on, and the guy went to let the people out of the car we were to ride in, the lady turned her head and puked right in the car!! I'm starting to freak now, thinking I'm going to do the same. So we wait for a clean car, and I'm freaking cause we had just had ice cream!! You had a blast though!! I'm so glad you didn't get that gene from me. You were just laughing and screaming the whole time. I made it without puking, but it was about 5 revolutions too many for me. After we exited, you were skipping all around saying "I wanna do sumpin else!".

Next we rode the Pony carts. They were these little carts attached to ponies that rocked back and forth, while the whole thing went in a circle (again really fast!). They had reins the kids held onto and a bell you could ring. When the thing started you looked a little shooken up, but then a huge smile came on your face as you held onto the reins for dear life.

We also took you on a little train, but you looked totally bored after Thomas, the ferris wheel, and the pony carts!! They also had a carousel, but it spun really fast too! I skipped it, because I didn't think my stomach could handle it. Plus, there were still lots of things to do. We went in a hay maze and played in a tent with legos and battery operated minature Thomas set. We had lots of fun in the hay maze! We were just finding our way in the first run, but the second time around we were playing hide and seek and throwing hay and Dada. I think we got the best pictures in there.

On the way home, we stopped at McDonalds and you ate almost a whole cheeseburger and got your first Polly Pocket. Now I think we're going to have to find a fair to take you to, you had so much fun on the rides.