July 29, 2007

July 29th, 2007

This year we had two birthday parties to celebrate your 4th year. Today, we had a party with your friends and Grandpa and Grandma Denise. We got a big blow up waterslide for entertainment (no you're not spoiled at all!), and it was a big hit. Among the partygoers were Hannah and Kale, Haley and Evan, Alexis, and Maddie. I think it's pretty safe to say you've completely exitted the shell. You are a true social butterfly now. You just love being around kids. You were practically frothing at the mouth for them to show up. I told everyone not to bring gifts partly because you've already received so many from us and your grandparents and partly because I know you could care less!! You are way more
interested in playing with the kids than any ole presents. Most of them brought some small gifts anyway, however.

You played on the waterslide, ate some food, played in your playroom, on the swingset. I could barely keep track of you! Maddie was very afraid to go down the slide, so you held her hand and she went down (once!). I just loved seeing you surrounded by friends, and interacting. It will be so cool to see your friendships bloom.