October 24, 2008

It has been a busy week. Saturday, we headed over to the pumpkin patch. We picked out some pumpkins, went on a hayride, petted some animals, toured the corn maze, and visited an Indian camp. The corn maze was your favorite, because they had pots with coins hidden through out the maze. For every coin you collected, you got to trade it in at the end for candy.

Thursday, we carved pumpkins. You helped take out the guts, and Mommy carved them. We made a giant SpongeBob pumpkin to enter in the Great Pumpkin Contest at your school. We spray painted it yellow and everything.

Friday, I felt like the world's crappiest Mom. I forgot I had promised to let you paint on Sponge Bob's eyelashes, so you were upset when you woke and found that it was all done. I really should have let you help with it more. I just got in my perfectionist mode, and it should have been a group effort. Then I forgot to pack Mini for you to take for show and tell. I could just picture you at school, going to open your backpack, and seeing that Mini wasn't there. I felt bad the whole day.

Friday night, we went to Octoberfest at school with Grandpa. SpongeBob Pumpkinpants won the Best Painted Pumpkin award. You were very excited about that. We went around to all the games. You won at Bingo, but came out of the leaf pile candy hunt crying. I think the other kids overwhelmed you with their fervor for candy. Overall, it was a good time though. We didn't get to see Grandpa much because all his old buddies from school kept grabbing him to talk. Just like old times for Mama.