December 17, 2008

First I have to give a little background. Last year in Preschool, I heard about Max all the time. Max did this, Max had to go in timeout. Everyday, there was a story about all the bad stuff Max did. So when I found out he was going to be in your Kindy class I was a little annoyed and apprehensive. He was such a distraction last year, and I didn't really want to have that again. Well, I don't know what they did with him over the summer, but he is a different kid this year. He still doesn't listen real well, but it's more because he's too busy and not because he's trying to be obnoxious. He even gave me a hug at the Christmas party.

Anyway, your teacher, Mrs. Bowman, pulled me aside and said, "Did Elise tell you about what happened today?" I said "No". Well, apparently you and another student didn't hear the bell at recess and got left outside. When it was discovered that you were missing, the Aide went out and found the two of you still on the playground. You were a little upset because you realized that you missed the bell. But the funny part is, the other student was Max! When I asked you what happened you told me that you were having so much fun, you didn't hear the bell, and would I stop asking about it because I was making you feel embarrassed. Okay, so maybe it's just funny to me, but I felt like signing, "Elise and Max sitting in a tree..." You know the rest.