December 3, 2008

I had to quickly record this for posterity and to have this on record for future use. And because it was just too dang cute. Tonight when I tucked you in, we had this conversation.

E: I love you, Mama.
M: I love you too. Promise, you'll love me forever.
E: I promise.
M: Pinky swear.
E: Pinky swear. **pinkies entwined**
M: I hope so. Someday, you'll be a teenager, and you'll probably think I'm a big dummy.
E: Why?
M: Because when you're a teenager you'll want to do all these things, and sometimes I'll tell you you can't. And I'll make you do things you won't want to do.
E: What things do teenagers do?
M: Well, they have a lot of homework. And they play sports, and have jobs, and drive cars. They like boys.
E: I don't wanna like boys. **nose wrinkle**
M: But when you're a teenager you will. When you're a teenager, you'll probably even want to kiss boys.
E: **tears starting** I DON"T WANNA BE A TEENAGER!! I DON"T WANT TO KISS BOYS!! I ONLY WANT TO KISS MY DADDY!! **really crying now**

At this point, you are sobbing, and I'm trying to comfort you while I'm laughing. I called Daddy up there and related the conversation to him, and we both snuggled you and reassured you that you wouldn't be a teenager for a long time.