April 29, 2009

I just wanted to throw in a note about you and Patsy and Mini. As I'm sure you'll remember, they are your blankets and apparently friends too. Today as you left for school you gave each one a hug and kiss goodbye. Then for most of the evening you sort of forgot about them. You usually snuggle with them while we watch TV before bed, but tonight you didn't have them. I was going to say something, but I wanted to see if you would notice. You didn't. Then we read stories in bed, and you still didn't notice, so I finally said something as I was turning out the lights. "Ummm, are you forgetting something?" No, you said. "Are you sure?" Yes, you said. "Well, okay." Then you remembered as I started to walk out of the room, so I went and fetched them for you. When I brought them in you started to cry. I asked what was the matter, and you said you felt bad. I told you that Patsy and Mini don't care, and you said, "Yes they do!" It took quite a lot of snuggling before you had decided they weren't mad at you anymore. I don't think they hold a grudge.