July 11, 2005

July 11, 2005

Dear Elise,

I decided to make this Weblog because your journal has not been going well. I wanted to keep a journal for you, but my handwriting is atrocious and I write too slowly. Since I'm a much better typist I thought this might work better.

Yesterday was your second birthday party. I think it went pretty well. You were having a great time playing with Maddie, Joey, and Alexis. So good in fact you weren't really interested in presents, cake, or the other guests. But I was just happy you were having such a good time. Daddy built you a great swingset and you are loving it. I can't believe what a difference six months makes. You can actually run now. You love Bear in the Big Blue House which was the theme of your party. As I'm writing this you are laying in your crib listening to "The Bear" on CD, and playing with your new dolly that giggles. I can hear you singing and baby giggling. You also love books, playing outside, Shai the dog, and your large array of stuffed animals. I think you have 8 or 9 in the crib with you right now.

We went to the post office today and you got your usual tootsie roll. We talked about all the animals we saw on the way; a great big snapper turtle, horses, cows, birds. You still like me to carry you most places, which is loads of fun when I'm also trying to carry my purse and 2 or 3 packages.

As far as two year olds go, I think you are an excellent kid. You throw maybe one tantrum a day, but get over them easily and you are always eager to help. When I clean you follow me around with the feather duster and you already have a chore. You feed the dog dinner. Occasionally we end up with dog food all over the floor, but that's okay by us. Your Daddy thinks the sun, moon, and stars all revolve around you. He is convinced you are the most beautiful girl that ever lived and the smartest too. He's deemed you "baby genius". Many nights we've been laying in bed and he's asked if he can get you up and play with you. I know he's only joking, but I do think he would love to play with you then.

Well, I'm going to try to get some lunch. I just had to go up to your room because you were calling me. I think you are trying to get out of having to take a nap. I told you I'd read you one more book and then you had to take a nap, you didn't protest. You are almost always good about taking you naps and going to bed.

I love you shuggie bear!