February 12, 2003

February 12th, 2003

Well so much has happened today! In the morning, I went with your Great Grandma shopping for my first pair of "fat pants", maternity pants that is. Now I actually look like I might be pregnant! Your Great Grandma is so excited to meet you! Then I went and picked out some bugs to go up on your wall. I had to order them so they won't be here for a while.

At 3:30 I had an appointment with the doctor. Everything looks good. I gained 1 pound, since my last appointment which is good. I got to hear your heartbeat again, and I should every time I go to the doctor's now. I also sort of felt my uterus though I had a hard time. Dr. Anderson said she coudl barely feel it too because it is retroverted.

When I got home your co-sleeper had arrived so I set that up nest to our bed. It was a pain to set up, but once we figured it out I don't think it will be so bad next time. I layed there imagining you were in it sleeping next to me.

Then I took Daddy up to the hospital where I work. He hates hospitals, so he whined the whole way there. I gave him the tour and then my doctor and the resident there that night, Chris, did an ultrasound. We wanted to find out if you are a boy or a girl but you were in this funny position standing on your head, so we couldn't see. I was glad Daddy got to see you move and your arms, legs, head, spine, and little heart beating, so it was fun anyway. I have my formal ultrasound in 3 or 4 weeks so hopefully you will let us see your private parts then. If not there are always plenty of people around to scan me. You can't be shy all the time.

Here are the pictures we took. They are of your spine, leg & foot, and head and body (sort of).

Appointment 4 : Week 16 : Weight 144 lbs.