February 8, 2003

February 8th, 2003

It is just after midnight and I as laying here trying to fall asleep and I think I felt you move! I was laying on my side and I felt this fluttering/tapping feeling low in my abdomen. It felt like bubbles. Of course, it could be gas or something, but I was excited anyway.

I think this week I am going to have to buy maternity pants. I only have two pair of pants that I can still wear without unbuttoning the top button. That's fine with me though. I want my belly to show.

I have also begun reading a story to you everyday. So far we have read The Foot Book, The Poky Little Puppy, The Animals of Farmer Jones, and Tootle. I know you can't hear me, but it's fun to do anyway. Sometimes Harley or Dookie listen too. Besides, I need to practice. Today we are going to read the House in the Woods.